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At the top of the list of popular home remodeling projects are kitchen remodels, a central gathering place of your family’s home—where we cook, entertain family and friends, and supervise homework. When designing a kitchen, it is important to consider several factors that will ensure you create a space that is attractive, comfortable, functional, and efficient.

Starting with careful planning, kitchen remodels should be driven by our lifestyles and incorporate ergonomics and workflow, functionality and maximum storage. And, because much of a household’s energy use occurs in the kitchen, designing with sustainability living in mind is also an important factor.

Acton Construction’s design build process begins with this important first step of planning your kitchen remodel, one that fits your every lifestyle need—from form to function. As part of the planning process, you may end up changing the footprint of your kitchen, connecting adjoining spaces, removing walls; adding windows, doors or skylights; or making revisions to an existing floor plan that creates more usable and attractive space. Whatever the need, Acton Construction handles every detail from planning, scheduling and construction, including securing commitments from valued partners before starting any on-site work.

We even streamline the kitchen appliance and fixture approval process with an interactive online project management tool, detailing all of the necessary selections for plumbing, appliances, flooring, cabinets and other items.

Get your design inspiration from these Acton Construction kitchen remodeling projects. 

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