Most of us want to live in our homes as long as possible. As we age, it becomes more important to ensure our environments stay safe, functional, and comfortable. Acton Construction’s Certified Aging-in-Place specialists (CAPS) are uniquely qualified to assist you with innovative ideas that will make your home safe and accessible for years to come. From bathroom grab bars to modified countertop heights and new first floor bedrooms, our job is to make your home modifications seamless, beautiful and affordable.

Ideas for Home Remodeling Design, Now and in the Future:

  1. Wider Doorways and Hallways—Expanding the width of hallways and doorways is a useful approach to accommodating wheelchairs and walkers.
  2. First Floor Bedrooms—Depending on where you spend the most time, it is often recommended to have a bedroom on the first floor to limit a person’s time on their feet.
  3. Curbless shower vs. walk-in tubs—Curbless showers are a wonderful alternative to walk-in tubs, as they are easy to get in and out of. Walk-in tubs are often narrow at the opening and require added time to fill and drain before exiting. Curbless showers require special planning, so it’s not a last minute decision.  They also cost more than a traditional curbed shower pan.
  4. Elevators/Stair lifts—Elevators can be a wonderful alternative to people with limited mobility, connecting important rooms in the house and making it easier to carry items between floors. But, elevators can be tricky to install and also are expensive. A cheaper remodeling design alternative is the stair lift, which tends to be popular but also has its drawbacks. They require assistance at the top and bottom of the stairs and aren’t appropriate for people who have trouble balancing in a seated position or have problems with their hips.
  5. No-step entry—This is ideal for any home, and should be considered as an aging-in-place, universal design option. If it’s too complicated or expensive to modify your home’s main entrance, there are many creative ways to build a secondary no-step entry.
  6. Other accessibility upgrades include easy-to-reach storage, removal of trip hazards, no-glare/slip-resistant flooring, smart technology for remote monitoring, etc.

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