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If you’re like many California homeowners, you are considering accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as a flexible, long-term investment for your property. Perhaps you need to keep family close, create passive income, accommodate guests, or even help your community solve the affordable housing shortage.

Whatever the reasons you have for wanting an ADU, building one isn’t easy.

Until Now!

These versatile, single family units, either detached or attached, can be added to a single family home, provided that they meet zoning, lot size, and design regulations specific to your city, county and even neighborhood. While ADU regulations and requirements can be tricky to navigate, it’s relatively easy when you can be walked through the process with an ADU expert who handles every detail for you.

Acton Construction not only stays on top of local ordinance changes, we also navigate your project seamlessly through the feasibility and permitting processes. More importantly, we guide you through the design and construction of your ADU, ensuring that every detail comes out exactly the way you imagined, and fits to your budget.

To follow a current Acton Construction ADU project from design through construction, click here.


“We represent the people that we work with,” admits Stan Acton, “More than walking people through the permitting process, we take the time to design an ADU that fits our clients’ needs exactly—whether they need an ideal space for grandma, a studio for mom, or a guest house for frequent visitors.”

With a reputation for being meticulous and communicative, Acton Construction asks the right questions (and plenty of them) to make sure every design detail is one that works for you—whether it involves ADU compliance, how wide your doors need to be for walkers, or how durable your floors should be for the kids.

Acton Construction is a design/build remodeling firm serving Santa Clara County residents for over 30 years earning peoples’ trust through transparency and superior quality construction—designing kitchens, bathrooms and whole house remodels.

Now, with a specialty division focused entirely on ADUs, local residents have the advantage of working with a team of professionals who construct ADUs with the same transparency, superior quality and attention to detail. 

Our Project Consultants continuously learn from ADU experts and influencers in Portland, Oregon (the nation’s leader in ADU innovation and expansion). Advancements in both ADU design and construction are our passion. We are thrilled to be bringing this innovation to the communities of San Jose, Campbell, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills,  Cupertino and Mountain View, and many other areas within the Silicon Valley.

Keep Family Close, Generate Positive Cash Flow, or Make an Impression on Out of Town Guests. 

Contact Acton Construction today and request a personal design consultation. Our experts can help you decide if an ADU is feasible on your property, guide you on where to build and help you choose a design plan that works great for your property and your purposes. We can show you our collection of ADU plans and projects, answer your questions and help you deal with any city and county permitting issues before starting the project.

Find out more about different types of ADUs, building codes, regulations and zoning ordinances—or explore unique ADU design options by contacting Acton Construction, or sign up for a complimentary educational seminar on ADUs.

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