San Jose Room Addition (90 Sq. Ft.)

Our clients came to us disappointed and desperate for a better home remodeling solution. Forced to fire an uncommunicative contractor and architect, they turned to Acton for a more suitable budget estimate and timeline. They badly needed to replace a leaky roof, update a bathroom, and create more living space for their home. Our clients also wanted someone they could trust to inspect the attic for defective craftsmanship and address a sagging living room ceiling after the removal of bearing walls in a previous kitchen renovation. Most importantly, they needed Acton to scale the project to fit their budget. We went out of our way to reassure our frustrated clients, providing them with several references for people who went through similar trials. By the time we introduced them to their dedicated designer, though, they were excited to get started.

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San Jose, CA

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An Expansive Room Addition for a Growing Family

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This impressive 90sq ft. room addition is positioned under an existing overhang in the side yard. Acton expertly handled everything from electrical installation and plumbing to windows and exterior sheathing. We then reroofed the house and installed a sun tunnel to immerse the addition in natural light. We also helped improve functionality in the newly renovated space by moving several walls, increasing closet space, removing popcorn ceilings, and ensuring ceiling soundness in the living room. 


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