Stanley Acton

Stanley Acton

Position: President/ CEO

Phone: 408.369.1103


Service Emphasis:


Stan’s first foray into building started in his dad’s garage with a hunk of firewood and a Shopsmith lathe. As an energetic 10 year old kid who always tested the limits, Stan had broken the wooden mallet his father had made as a child on his dad’s Shopsmith. Stan created a replacement mallet that is still in use today, and he went on to master every tool in his father’s workshop. This early love of creating things by hand flourished in his high school woodshop classes. During his senior year, Stan began working part-time for remodeling contractor, John Warren, in Palo Alto, California. Stan worked for John to put himself through college, and he credits the wisdom and craftsmanship that he learned from John in helping him shape the Acton Construction values and process. “John ran a tight ship, was man of absolute integrity and worked on a handshake with all his customers,” says Stan. After graduating with a degree in computer science, Stan worked for several years in Silicon Valley. Before long, he realized that his childhood passion had not waned, and he decided to leave the high tech world to return to the construction industry to pursue his contractor’s license and start his design-build business. Today, Stan leads a talented team who share his enthusiasm for creating and crafting beautiful structures imbued with functionality and longevity. The problem-solving abilities required for computer engineering are critical to what makes Stan's design and construction approach so successful. "Many times, our clients' remodeling desires are based on a problem or a pain that they're experiencing. It might be a concern about safety, privacy, isolation, lack of space or simply feeling embarrassed or reluctant to have guests in the home," says Stan. "Working together to come up with solutions that thrills the homeowner(s) is the ultimate reward on any project."


Loves mountain biking, hiking, fine dining, and woodworking.

Unique Skills

Fun Facts

Stan is a student of neuroscience. He learned how to speak German while spending a year in Freiburg, Germany in the 5th grade. Stan's dad flew on the space shuttle Challenger for 8 days in 1985 (and brought him back a t-shirt).

Favorite Project

Ayers and Durbin Remodels

My favorite projects have been the Ayers or Durbin remodels—both from the standpoint of design, budget and logistics. In both cases, the customers played active, key roles in arriving at final solutions. As a result, I am very happy with the solutions we developed together as a team.


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