Rick Jones

Rick Jones

Position: Lead Carpenter



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Rick joins Acton Construction with 28 years of construction experience, both in residential and commercial building—predominantly residential. Taking great pride in his work, having a deep appreciation for the craft that he learned from his grandfather, Rick ensures company and customer satisfaction through expert workmanship and careful, thorough communication. In addition to supervising the activities of Acton Construction’s field carpenters and/or independent contractors, Rick is responsible for the efficient and profitable use of the company’s time, manpower and materials on each project, as well as tracking the progress and profitability of each project under his supervision.

Rick acquired his training from a union apprenticeship program, which provides both on-the-job training and classroom instruction, allowing him to earn wages while learning the trade. Nearly three decades later, Rick loves what he does, clearly reflected in his work.

Rick is a father of two young men, Chance (17) and AJ (8), and a beautiful daughter Melody (24). He also excites in sharing his life with his best friend, wife Crystal. Humble, proud, and blessed, Rick is a welcome addition to the Acton Construction team.


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Fun Facts

Outside of Rick’s professional life, he shares a passion for music and anything that moves his soul. If you’re a purveyor of rock ‘n roll with funk and soul, you must check out Rick’s band, Reverend LoveJones and the Sinners.

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