Mountain View, CA

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations



Lot Size:

No minimum.

Maximum ADU Floor Area:

700 sq. ft.

Number of Bedrooms:

No minimum/maximum.


No minimum/maximum.


Requires separate kitchen facilities (permanent range, counters, refrigerator, sink) and bathroom.  


One space per unit can be covered or uncovered. Shared parking (driveway, garage, or carport) permitted provided ADU has direct, unobstructed access to parking space.


Side: 1-story detached, 5 ft. min, 12 ft. total.

Attached or garage conversions must follow setbacks in Sec. 36.10.25.

Rear: 1-story detached, 10 ft. min.

Attached or garage conversions must follow setbacks in Sec. 36.10.25.  


Detached: 16 ft. max. (1-story)
Attached: 28 ft. max. (2-story, over garage)


Attached: Basement, ground level or above garage with no internal access to primary dwelling.

Detached: Rear half of lot, at least 10 ft. from primary dwelling or other structures.

Above detached garage: rear half of lot.

Rear Yard Coverage:

30% maximum, including any other accessory structures, and projections of primary dwelling.


The design to conform in general to design of primary dwelling.


Attached ADUs must have a separate exterior entry.

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