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Here at Acton Construction, homeowners contact us nearly every day, interested in building another home on their property. With a recent relaxation of local California regulation, accessory dwelling units or ADUs are more and more popular. Many people have a strong need to keep family close—to provide a comfortable, quiet, safe haven for friends or family to visit; or to house an aging family member who can retire comfortably and maintain their independence while living close by. Some have postgraduate students or even newlywed couples struggling to find an affordable place to live in the uncomfortably tight California housing market. And, there are many more reasons beyond that. But, regardless of the need, homeowners are still surprised to learn these few facts about the ADU planning and building process:.. Read More

This New York Times Opinion piece claims the housing market is definitely changing and we wholeheartedly agree. The multigenerational living trend is real, and so is California's unrelenting housing crisis. While building a new Next Gen home is an exciting trend giving rise to the new American Dream Home, so is the California landscape that is relaxing ADU restrictions on existing properties... Read More

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