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Apr 27
Acton Construction

5 Compelling Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Posted on by Acton Construction

The bathroom is not just a place that exists for showering, shaving and putting on makeup. Nowadays, bathrooms have become a sort of refuge or sanctuary—a private place where we can go to relax and relieve stress. And yet, homeowners hesitate to remodel their bathrooms. This is due in part to many misconceptions that a bathroom remodel will be a hassle and cost too much. The truth is that working closely with an experienced professional, particularly a design/build firm, will help you devise a renovation strategy that fits your budget, design style, functional needs, and timeline. And, a bathroom remodel doesn't have to be a hassle and has the added benefit of being vital to your everyday health and happiness. Ready to reconsider that bathroom renovation project? We've compiled five of the most compelling reasons to start planning your bathroom remodel today... Read More

Mar 20
Acton Construction

This is What Could Happen to Your Resale Value if You Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to Your Silicon Valley Property

Posted on by Acton Construction

To ease the crushing housing shortage in Silicon Valley, laws have changed to encourage homeowners to build accessory dwelling units on their property—to house aging family members, help grown children find a place to live in this challenging rental market or generate extra income using the space over a garage or in the backyard. But some Silicon Valley homeowners are asking, "How will an ADU affect my home's resale value?".. Read More

Feb 27
Acton Construction

7 Exciting New Kitchen Design Trends in California

Posted on by Acton Construction

As a full service kitchen design+build firm servicing Santa Clara County and Silicon Valley, Acton Construction knows the value of smart kitchen design. Still the focal point of any home, modern kitchens have evolved to include advances in technology, clean and simple styles, and essential natural lighting. If you're tired of looking at a kitchen that is past its prime, or working in a kitchen that is dysfunctional, now may be the time to get your creative juices cooking. With advice from our design experts, here are the top seven trends in kitchen design we expect to see in 2018... Read More

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